The List

LiFePO4 battery bank

The [current] List for our refit has kicked off with a huge Defender order! Special thanks to our friend Judi who helped us in getting the best deals during their annual sale with a volume discount.

The Dolphin 460 is a 2005 built boat with most of her equipment original. When we made the purchase, we knew that most things would need replacing after 13 years, so we saw it as a clean-slate to outfit the boat with exactly what gear we preferred.

We have experience with refits over the years… some forced by nature, and others due to hitting that cycle of preventative replacements needed every 10 years or so. Salt water and sun are extremely destructive, so regular refits are part of a life’s plan for boat living.

Our first few projects were kicked off after moving out and optimizing the Manta for new buyers. We took the LiFePO4 batteries over to the Dolphin and added another set of cells (4 x 3.2V cells). The custom way we use LiFePO4 batteries without an automatic battery management/balancing system is not something we wanted to pass on to someone cold.

First, the 4 new cells were top balanced in parallel to 3.65V. Next, the old cells were top-balanced again. Finally, all 12, 3.2V cells top balanced together and then combined in a 3P4S configuration to make one, large 12.6V battery (540 Ah nominal).

A huge bonus was removing six Trojan L16H's from the Dolphin at 125lbs each. These were quite a challenge to remove from the settee with the two of us; the weight and size difference of cells is significant. It was great to lose 750lbs and gain some space back (…more gin).

A few projects that have been knocked off over the last month include:

  • Install Morningstar MMPT solar controller

  • Replace (3) temperature controllers for AC/Heater

  • Install carbon filter in-line for fresh water

  • Replace outdoor speakers, add Amp and rewire entire Fusion stereo system (cussing involved!)

  • Replace courtesy lights

  • Install brushes and seals to slider door and window to keep the bugs out!

  • Re-plumb, rewire and install port toilet

  • Install Oceanair shades (2) saloon

  • Flip and rethread trampolines

  • Rewire shore power cable

  • Remove sump pump and install Whale shower pump

  • Install drawer sliders in galley

Our current gear list is shown below; most but not all ordered from Defender (e.g., most lines were purchased from Hamilton Marine, SSB/pactor individual sales, oven TBD). Most, but not all have been received… we need a bigger cockpit!


Running rigging:

  • Main halyard (Marlow D2 ~ replaced STT)

  • Main outhaul (Endurabraid)

  • (2) Main sheets (Endurabraid)

  • (2) Genoa sheets (Endurabraid)

  • Genoa furling line (Globe5000 II)

  • (2) Screecher sheets (MLX3)

  • Screecher furler (Globe5000 II)

  • Spinnaker halyard (Endurabraid)

  • (2) Daggerboard lines (Globe5000 II)

  • (2) Bridle 8-strand brait lines

  • (2) Sprit-stay lines (heatset Dyneema)

  • (2) Trampoline lines (Dyneema)

  • Topping lift (Endurabraid)

Antal rope clutch v-cam 814 silver (1 quad, 2 singles)

LunaSea tricolor/anchor/strobe LED Masthead Light

Harken 46ST Horizontal Electric Winch


  • SmartPlug 50 Amp Combo Kit

  • Victron Energy Multi Plus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE Bus Inverter/Charger

  • Victron VE.Net Blue Power Control GX

  • Victron Energy BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor with Bluetooth


  • Whale Grey IC Shower Waste Pump Kit

  • (2) Whale Gulper Toilet Pump

  • (2) Raritan Marine Elegance Toilet with Vortex-Vac

  • (2) Raritan Multifunction Toilet Flush Control


  • (3) B&G Triton 2 Multifunction displays

  • Airmar ST850 Smart™ Sensor Speed Transducer NMEA2000

  • Airmar DT800 Smart Sensor Depth Transducer NMEA2000

  • LCJ Capteurs CV7 Ultrasonic Wind Transducer

  • LCJ Capteurs WindyPlug, NMEA 2000 interface for LCJ Capteurs Wind Sensor

  • Maretron GPS200 GPS Receiver

  • B&G Autopilot


  • Furuno NavNet TZT12F

  • Furuno DRS4D Radar Sensor

  • Furuno PSU017 Power supply

  • Mapmedia Jeppesen Vector Chart unlock code for Furuno - Central America & Caribbean


  • GN Espace 20" OceanChef 4-Burner Marine Gas Stove

  • Whale Gusher Mk3 Manual Galley Footpump

  • Oceanair Hatch Screen Shades


  • ICOM802 SSB

  • Pactor modem

  • Standard Horizon GX2200 VHF radio

  • Standard Horizon CMP31cRAM3+ remote mic

  • Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF

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